The Spider's Gift

I am finding myself spending as much time as possible outdoors these days, knowing that the warm weather won’t last much longer. As I stepped outside on our deck yesterday, I noticed a small spider, seemingly floating in midair. Upon closer examination, I realized it was suspended by a single strand of web. Our deck stands about 8 feet above the ground, and the height at which the spider hung suspended seemed to be another 5 foot higher than that. As I continued to gaze upward, I discovered that the web was connected to an overhead electrical wire several feet above the spider.

The Spider's Gift by Become Your Own Guru

“How could a creature so small leap from such a great height,” I wondered?

Was it courage that enabled the spider to do this…or, perhaps faith? Neither of those words seemed appropriate. As I continued to ponder, further observation of the spider provided the answer I sought. As a gentle breeze blew the suspended spider back and forth, I realized that, bit by bit, the creature spun just enough web to move itself downward towards its destination. It wasn’t courage or faith that propelled the spider forward, but rather, I guessed, an Inner Knowing that it had the resources it needed to make the journey. 

Does this story speak to some aspect of your life? Or, might the Spider’s Inner Knowing be a gift to someone you know who has an important decision to make or step to take, yet is holding back? 

Or, perhaps you know someone who is extremely gifted or talented in a way that is obvious to you & others, yet seems to be reluctant to use/share their gift.

I believe each one of us has or can access the resources we need, and I love helping others discover how to spin strands that help them move forward on the web of life. Are you ready to accept the Spider's Gift?

Tamara Signature Life Coach