Architects for Humanity

ar·chi·tect              ˈärkəˌtekt/              noun 
a person who designs buildings and in many
cases also supervises their construction

What things in your own life and in society bother you? 
What if the reason these things irritate you is because YOU are part of the solution?

Perhaps you are being called to become an Architect--not for a building, but for designing the very systems and structures that will create a foundation for the New Earth!

Architects for Humanity by Become Your Own Guru

Enlightened people and organizations around the world are being flooded with ideas about how to change things that are no longer working. From education to government to food production, people are no longer content with many of the systems and structures that are in place.

While this situation presents a great opportunity, it can also feel daunting. For instance, designing an entirely new system for delivering education might feel completely overwhelming. Yet, if you have ideas about how to transform a system or structure, you have already taken the first step by being open to greater possibilities. 

Want to know what the next step is? Just continue! The "secret" that I share with clients is to compare this adventure to a cross country trip from California to Florida where you could travel only at night. If your headlights are working properly, you don't need for them to shine the entire distance in order to begin. You only need to have them shine far enough ahead for you to begin moving.

The process of Transforming an existing system or structure works the same way. Know your destination, begin moving, and the Universe will reveal each step as you continue. Of course, with a journey like this, you'll need to take time to re-fuel yourself, and to know how to navigate any road blocks along the way. 

So get clear about what feeds you and carve out time to do it: rest, play, meditate.  Stay connected with people who will cheer you on, rather than those who call you crazy for charging into the unknown.  As for the road blocks or detours you might encounter, that's where a good Life Coach comes in. Anyone who is playing a game as Big as this certainly needs one. I would be honored and delighted to help you build! And the world needs all of us who are willing, to continue designing and to supervise the ongoing construction! 

Tamara of Become Your Own Guru