Bee-ing the Impossible

Bee-ing the Impossible by Become Your Own Guru

After a whirlwind of moving furniture and creating space in my new office, I finally found time to sit and relax. There are 8 spaces where I could have chosen to sit, and the place I picked was my comfy couch.

As I looked down before taking my seat, I noticed a bumblebee on the floor. Because I believe there are synchronicities in even the smallest of occurrences, I took this as a message from the Universe. 

I remembered I had read somewhere that, in terms of aerodynamics, because of the way its body is designed, it should be impossible for a bumblebee to fly. Yet, we see them flying every summer.

How can that be so?

Perhaps it is because the bumblebee does not KNOW or does not PAY ATTENTION to what others say it can or cannot do. It simply does what it was born to do.

What if each one of us were to apply this same principle to our own life? What if we pay no heed to those around us who doubt that we can accomplish what we are born to do?

If there is something your heart longs for, yet what you desire seems impossible or out of reach, try asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Who would I have to beecome in order to accomplish this?
  2. What would I have to beelieve?

When you have your answers, find a group of like-minded people with whom to explore your answers, and discover more Words of Wisdom right here on the website with new content added often.

Tamara Signature Life Coach