Journey Through the Darkness

Journey through the Darkness by Become Your Own Guru

One of my clients recently told me how distraught he is by the state of affairs in the US, especially with all of the politics related to the election. I told him the way I choose to view this is to believe that all of the darkness Humanity has created is now surfacing to be healed and cleared. 

There are so many things around and within us that need to be healed and cleared. If we try to fight or suppress them, it may feel like trying to hold a beach ball underwater. The more we push down, the harder the ball pushes back!

Perhaps a better way to cope is to allow the tangled ball of what needs to be healed to rise to the surface. We can tolerate our distressing thoughts and emotions if we realize they can and will pass. We can use a metaphor from nature to help us make room for the experience. See fear as a wave that will rise and subside. Experience anxiety as a cloud that will gather strength and then dissipate, or a leaf floating down a stream. 

Take time to realize your worst fear related to distressing emotions.

If you tell yourself "I can't stand being lonely," that is the experience you create. Instead, develop a new mantra, such as: "I can bear the pain of loneliness because I know it will pass. My alone time creates space to be with my Self and with Deep Inner Peace." 

If the distressing thought or emotion feels too unbearable, nurture yourself. Take a walk, light a candle, get a massage, breathe in the beauty of nature.

Healthy living requires a balance between allowing distressing thoughts/emotions to pass through you,  and distracting or soothing yourself if they feel too overwhelming.  

So, the next time you find yourself avoiding or suppressing a thought, memory, or experience that feels dark or painful, try allowing instead. As you heal your inner pain and darkness, you create more Light within yourSelf and for the World!

Tamara of Become Your Own Guru