Maintaining Hope

Visual Journaling by Become Your Own Guru

Visual Journaling is an amazing tool to help you gain insight! I have had difficulty maintaining hope on a consistent basis, so I used this process to help me gain insight. I randomly colored lines and shapes on the page, added magazine images and other items that appealed to me, and then wrote about what I saw in my image. I was reminded that spending mindful time in nature and thinking about nature's cycles helps me feel hopeful. And the little round orange circles are "Bright Spots" that I'll look for every day.

Maintaining Hope is important because it springs from the Heart, and when we have an open, hopeful heart, we are able to attract more of what we want in life. In addition, when we as individuals are able to maintain hope, we inspire those around us to have the Courage to do the same.  

What helps you maintain hope? I invite you to take some time to discover that today!