Seeing the Gift in Pain

Seeing the Gift in Pain by Become Your Own Guru

Witnessing domestic violence as a preschooler had a powerful impact on me. I can FEEL other people's pain, and until I understood and learned how to deal with this as an adult, I found it challenging, to say the least.

Yet, without this ability—the gift of empathy—I would not be nearly as effective in my work as a Life Coach and Art Therapist.

The image at left depicts this gift in my pain, shown as red at the roots, midway near the tree, and finally, as fruit born by the mature tree. Yet, woven throughout my life, I felt a sense of Spirituality--a knowingness that there was a purpose for all of this (depicted by the yellow ribbon.) In my 30's, I discovered the field of art therapy, and this gave me tools to explore and express the trauma I had experienced.

If you are experiencing pain in your life right now, I invite you to look carefully to determine what gift might lie within its midst. How have you been shaped by this pain? To what has it made you more sensitive? As a result,  what can you now share or offer? The world looks forward to receiving the gift you discover in your pain! 


Tamara from Become Your Own Guru