Seeking Enlightenment

Seeking Enlightenment

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Have you ever had an idea come to you out of the blue, and you know it’s spot on? That’s what happened to me when I decided to call my coaching business “Become Your Own Guru.”

I love this phrase, because to me, a Guru is someone who leads another person to enlightenment. But what does the word “enlightenment” mean?   

In the 18th century, there was actually an intellectual movement in Europe where philosophers were encouraging people to use reason,  and to think independently rather than following standard traditions.


These days, “enlightenment” often refers to trying to gain spiritual insight or knowledge, or when you’ve achieved that state, you’re said to be enlightened.


The reason I think the phrase is such a perfect fit for my business, is because the bottom line of the work that I do with clients is giving them tools they can use every day to figure out why their current challenge is happening to them, and what they can do to move through it. In essence, they learn how to lead themselves to enlightenment.


As my work with clients has evolved over the years, I keep discovering more things that make the work even more powerful and effective. I feel like Hermione in Harry Potter, where she has that bag that looks small but holds things that, when she pulls them out, look way too big to have come from inside the bag.  


In recent sessions and workshops, I’ve combined Parts Work with  Art and Nature Connected Coaching with some wonderful results.  One woman who was feeling struck with her response to stress saw her resistance spontaneously soften as she created an image about it. Another is finding that an unwanted emotion she’d struggled with for years now shifts quickly when she uses her tools. A third, faced with a debilitating medical condition, said that what her work with me helped her get to the root of her problem, and helped her uncover answers she couldn’t find on her own, even though she had been using tools like meditation.


One of the reasons these powerful changes are happening for my clients is because they are tapping into their own Guru energy.


They are gaining enlightenment into themselves and their life purpose by using their senses to tap into their Self and its wisdom through deep connection with nature, becoming aware of what’s going on in their body, befriending unwanted parts of themselves.  


They are discovering what is driving her shadow behavior, and the changes they seek are happening.


If the tools you are using are getting you results, great! But if you need some help with your process of enlightenment, please feel free to attend one of my workshops, book a coaching session, or schedule a reading with me. I’d be honored to support you on your journey!

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