Stand at the Portal

Standing at the Portal by Become Your Own Guru

Last night as part of our Solstice Celebration, we made time for meditation. I had set an intention to receive Guidance about the coming year.

As I sat in the richness of the deep silence,  I saw myself standing at a portal looking out. A thought came to me: Changes will be happening very quickly. Stand at the portal and look out. At first, I wasn't sure what that meant. However, I've learned that my Guidance often comes in bits and pieces, so I wasn't too concerned.

The next part of the celebration involved decorating a glass candle container to represent the Wisdom we received during the meditation. I felt drawn to depict the top of the glass container as the portal opening, and to picture myself looking into the Light of the candle.

The final part of our ceremony involved walking a spiral path towards a lit candle, where each person's intentions were illuminated. As I sat for a few moments in the center of the Spiral, it came to me that, rather than looking into the Light, it would be far more powerful for me to Stand at the Portal and BE THE LIGHT!

What are you being called to Do or BE in 2017?

Spend some time in Silence. Stand at the Portal...and wait for Your Guidance. 

Tamara Signature Life Coach