The Role of Love

Role of Love by Become Your Own Guru

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today, I invite you to consider the role of Love in relationship to a particular challenge you are facing. 

I recently asked a client who had been dealing with a challenge for several years, to imagine herself on a path. I asked her to picture what was standing between herself and what she is wanting. She told me that she saw herself standing in the way. This is often the case, and what we typically do is berate ourselves for not being who we need to be or doing what we need to do. But how well has that been working for you?

Today, I invite you to try a different approach. What if you were to love yourself MORE instead of LESS when you aren't able to accomplish what you want? Inspirational speaker Patrica Cota Robles, founder of Era of Peace, suggests that it is "our responsibility to love ourselves and this sweet earth free." 

I invited my client to picture love flowing in, through, and around every part of her being, especially her heart. She told me the experience felt very freeing, and later, she e-mailed me and told me that doors had started opening for her.

Perhaps this truly IS the role of Love in our lives--to help us transcend the limitations we have created in our lives. Take a few moments today to Love yourSelf free of a challenge. You and everyone around you will surely benefit!

Tamara of Become Your Own Guru