Values in Action

Values clarification exercises have become fairly common over the last several years. Something that seems less available is information that helps you find ways to actually LIVE your values--or put them into action.

Here's a fun activity I developed that you can try.

Values in Action by Become Your Own Guru

Start with a long piece of paper and fold it accordion style to create a book.

Values in Action by Become Your Own Guru

Next, choose one of your values and "illustrate" it on the cover of your book.

Choose a quote that explains what your value means to you. I have always loved this Ghandi quote, so I used it to explain what power means to me. I modified the quote so it reads as if stated in first person. 

Values in Action by Become Your Own Guru

OK. Now comes the hard part. So, how SPECIFICALLY will I live the value of POWER in my day to day life? I used the metaphor of water to symbolize this. Water can be hard and firm, like a snowflake when it is frozen. Water can also be fluid, when the snowflake begins to melt. There are times I need to be fluid. And, other times, I need to be willing to stand out. Writing this weekly blog is one "Stand Out" action step I decided to commit to for the next few months. 


I'm also developing some coaching packages that I'll be sharing soon, including one designed to help you Live Your Values! Watch my website for details and my Facebook page.

I would LOVE to hear about and/or see the Values In Action accordion book that YOU make!
Yours in Creativity,

Tamara from Become Your Own Guru