When Perfection is Perfect

Usually I discourage people from trying to be perfect. But in 2017, perfection is something I think we should strive for. I don’t mean perfection in the normal sense. What I mean is that it’s time for us to step up to the perfection of our full potential as co-creators on this planet.

Spiritual teacher Patricia Cota-Robles* talks about “patterns of perfection” that already exist, but just need to be manifested in our everyday lives.  These patterns relate to every area you can think of: better ways of offering mental and physical health care, communicating in relationships, parenting,  creating affordable housing, growing/delivering food, law enforcement, and much, much more.

How do we know which patterns of perfection are waiting to show up for each one of us? Think about what is really bothering you, or what you long for. I am really bothered by what I perceive as a “dinosaur” way of operating in mental health care.  I believe there are many mental health symptoms that can be addressed through a “marriage” between metaphysics and therapy. For example, I have encountered people who are doing all they can to evolve spiritually, yet they struggle from anxiety or depression. Many of these people don’t want to take medication if they don’t have to. I have begun teaching them energetic techniques to work with and release emotions, and get reconnected with what inspires them. My new private practice will bypass insurance companies, have people pay out of pocket, and offer short term, solution focused, and holistic care.

Patterns of Perfection by Become Your Own Guru

For years, I worked for and then left different facilities,  looking for what I envisioned.  Finally dawned on me. I need to BE THE CHANGE I WISH TO SEE! I need to create that new reality.

If you, also, long to create new realities in your life and in the world, but you are not sure where or how to begin, the first step is to identify the bothersome patterns that have been showing up in different areas of your life.  For example, do you keep choosing relationships where you are oppressed? Maybe the Universe is inviting you to learn how to defy oppression from a place of love instead of rebellion.

Some spiritual leaders believe that everyone incarnate on the planet at this point in time agreed to help create the shifts in society that we long for and need so desperately. This means each and every one of us is being called to figure out what our role in this transformation process will be.

Once you have identified the patterns you want to shift, the next step is to be open to receiving the information about better ways to do things. There are many ways to do this. Some teachings suggest that you stand facing sunlight and invite the Light into your heart and into every cell, atom, and molecule of your being, as well as the spaces in between. Spiritual teachers are saying the information that we need to shift things, these patterns of perfection, are encoded in sunlight and many other sources around us.

Jacklyn Johnston, facilitator for the podcast series “You Awakening,” led a beautiful guided meditation on New Year’s day, where she invited people to define essence of the vibration of their desire for 2017,  to breathe the essence into the heart chakra and then through the coming year, into the expanded version of themselves having already accomplished their heart’s desire, and finally back into their present day self.

We have so much assistance available to us! And, it is SO crucial that we begin to bring these perfected versions of the structures and systems we need into society NOW.  

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! 

If you feel called to begin manifesting the new patterns of perfection, I often offer events to support you: a teleconference to help you hone your co-creative skills and live events to help you get connected with the patterns of perfection. Check out the events page of my website for details, and feel free to share this information with others who are feeling called to change.

Many blessings!

Tamara of Become Your Own Guru

* You can read more about Patricia’s teachings through her website: www.eraofpeace.org
**You can access Jacklynn’s meditation on the replay page of her website: www.youawakening.com