Art Therapy Life Coaching Group
8:30 AM08:30

Art Therapy Life Coaching Group

Art Therapy Life Coaching is based on the Truth that each of us has the ability to create the life we want, despite the fact that sometimes we get sidetracked along the way. Tamara will help you get in touch with your creative spirit so you can access your higher & authentic self. Work in these sessions will help you create action plans so you can have more balance & freedom in your life. You'll learn how to use creative techniques like art journaling & mixed media collages to express your inner feelings and find solutions to problems. Pre-registration is required by the Monday prior to the event.

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1:00 PM13:00

Transforming Stress with Visual Journaling

Transforming Stress with Visual Journaling.jpg

     Like Adult coloring books? You'll totally love this class, because not only can you distract yourself from your stress, you can get to the root of what's causing it and transform it through a process called Visual Journaling.
     We'll be combining words, images, and expressive arts (sound, movement, visual images) to create pages that help you tap into your Inner Knowing and transform stress in all areas of your life. No artistic skill needed!
     Your $75 investment (plus a $25 materials fee) includes a journal, supplies and skills to use this process long after class ends!
     October 6, 1-5 pm at Cottonwood Center for the Arts, Colorado Springs. Call Tamara by Sept. 15 to register. 719-221-0548

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9:30 AM09:30


metamorphosis postcard 1.jpg

Metamorphosis     Saturday, September 29     9:30 am-4:30 pm

     Are you sensing that you or something inside you is longing to emerge? Join us for this powerful experiential retreat designed to help you go within to discover your potential and emerge with the courage to fly! Your transformative experiences will include:

·         Drumming

·         Energy Work

·         Guided Meditation

·         Time in Nature

·         Visual Journaling

·         Group Coaching

$100 per person or bring a friend and pay $75 each
Reserve your Spot Today!
Call Tamara by September 8th at 719-221-0548

Location: Wild Divine Retreat Center, Cascade, Colorado

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5:00 PM17:00

Alternative Healing Modalities Explained

woman meditating.jpg

Are you wondering which of the many alternative healing modalities out there is right for you? Come to this informal presentation of alternative and therapeutic healing modalities in honor of Local Holistic Health Week.

The week of Sept 10-15 has been officially declared Colorado Springs Holistic Health week and was founded by Sara Beth Grant who runs the Essential Wellness Community of Colorado Springs.

Tamara McDougall Herl is a professionally trained life coach,  and credentialed art therapist and counselor who helps people learn how to use their life challenges as a tool for spiritual growth. At her studio at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts, and at her retreat center in Cascade, she offers individual and group sessions and coaching retreats to help people re-connect with their Divine Blueprint so they can live their full potential.

Other professionals will be present to do a brief presentation about their modalities and to take your questions. 

This is a great opportunity to find out more and maybe book an appointment with someone of your choice. Many of the practitioners will be offering discounted services for Holistic Health Week.

Location: Rockrimmon Library, 832 Village Center Drive

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ReJuvinate: Transforming Burnout
1:00 PM13:00

ReJuvinate: Transforming Burnout

Remember when you used to feel so passionate about your career?
How did you get to the point where you’re feeling tired and stuck?

Parts Tamara pre cropped.jpg

Leaving parts behind?

Discover how to bring your Whole Self with you to work!

Does it mean you should look for a different career?
Or, is there a Higher Purpose that can only be accomplished if you hang in there and push through?

If these questions sound familiar, this class is for you!

In this class, you will discover how to:
* Use expressive arts to tap into your Intuition and Wise Mind
* See fear as a signal to play bigger
* Take decisive action instead of holding back or procrastinating
* See challenges from a different perspective
* Understand the growth opportunity hidden in your challenges
* Stop buying into thoughts & internal stories that keep you stuck

Where: Cottonwood Center for the Arts Studio #219
             427 E Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs
When: Third Saturday of the month   1-3 pm
Fee: $75 for the 2 hour session
Pre-registration is required by noon the Friday before the event

COMING SOON: ReJuvinate!   Online Course

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Visual Journaling for Spiritual Awakening
1:00 PM13:00

Visual Journaling for Spiritual Awakening

Visual journaling is a fun and powerful process to help you tap into your Intuition and Divine Wisdom.  In this group, you will: learn how to use mixed media to decorate your page, set an intention related to a spiritual question or challenge you are facing, and journal to find the answers you seek


Intro to
Visual Journaling

Can't make it to the
in-person group?

Check my Tools Page for visual journaling prompts related to special themes.

All supplies are provided except your journal.
The group format will help you forge your journey with like minded souls,
Or individual sessions pave the way for you to dive more deeply into your issue.
Where: Cottonwood Center for the Arts  Studio #219
              427 East Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO
When:  First Saturday of each month
             1-3 pm
Pre-registration is required by noon the Friday before the event

Individual: $125 per 1 hr session
Small Group (Maximum 6):  $75 per 2 hr session

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Bouncing Back: A group to help you develop Resilience, Optimism, and Compassion
to Sep 21

Bouncing Back: A group to help you develop Resilience, Optimism, and Compassion

Bouncing Back:
A group to help you develop Resilience, Optimism, & Compassion

We can’t avoid the fact that life is full of challenges, but what we CAN control is our ability to recover from and even thrive in the face of adversity. In this 9 week group, you’ll tap into the power of the expressive arts (visual art, music, collage, movement, drama, journaling) to develop optimism, compassion, and resilience skills that can continue to improve the quality of your life long after group ends! 

Building Connections: Develop and use a healthy support system

Coping with Challenge & Change: Shift the way you respond crisis

Maintaining Perspective:  Identify and change negative thinking

Setting & Achieving Goals: Set goals you can achieve

Taking Decisive Action:  Shift unhealthy ways of responding to challenges

Finding The Silver Lining: Turn your fears & challenges into a chance to grow

Trusting Your Instincts/Building on Your Strengths: Learn how to identify and act on intuition

Practicing Self-Care: Create a Self-Care tool kit and learn how to use it.
Developing Optimism: Use affirmations and visualization to sustain your progress

Group fee includes all art supplies. $50 per session, or pay for all 9 weeks in advance and save $50
Thursdays, July 27-Sept 21, 7-8:30 pm  
Cottonwood Center for the Arts  #219, 427 E Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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