Cosmic Brainstorm – Monthly Coaching Group (3rd Thursday Every Month)

Cosmic Brainstorm Session with Tamara Herl

Have you ever wished you had a Hotline to Divine Wisdom?
Imagine never having to second-guess yourself again!

We were never meant to struggle with doubt and worry! In addition to our own internal wisdom, we have a whole team of cosmic beings who stand ready to assist us!        From simple daily needs, such as finding a parking space, to major life decisions such as finding a soul mate or helping to transform systems that aren't working,  Divine guidance and support is always available.

These monthly sessions, held on the fourth Thursday of each month, will help you tap into the streams of Divine and Personal Wisdom to find the answers you seek.  Through group coaching and Cosmic Brainstorming with Angels, Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, you will gain understanding of how to apply this Wisdom into achievable action steps that will transform your life!

The small group size (only 8 spots available) creates an intimate setting where you can feel safe to share and feel deeply heard and supported.

Register by the second Thursday to reserve your spot!

Or call: 719-221-0548