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ReJuvinate: Transforming Burnout

Remember when you used to feel so passionate about your career?
How did you get to the point where you’re feeling tired and stuck?

Parts Tamara pre cropped.jpg

Leaving parts behind?

Discover how to bring your Whole Self with you to work!

Does it mean you should look for a different career?
Or, is there a Higher Purpose that can only be accomplished if you hang in there and push through?

If these questions sound familiar, this class is for you!

In this class, you will discover how to:
* Use expressive arts to tap into your Intuition and Wise Mind
* See fear as a signal to play bigger
* Take decisive action instead of holding back or procrastinating
* See challenges from a different perspective
* Understand the growth opportunity hidden in your challenges
* Stop buying into thoughts & internal stories that keep you stuck

Where: Cottonwood Center for the Arts Studio #219
             427 E Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs
When: Third Saturday of the month   1-3 pm
Fee: $75 for the 2 hour session
Pre-registration is required by noon the Friday before the event

COMING SOON: ReJuvinate!   Online Course