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Readings by Become Your Own Guru

Readings are a great place to start when you begin to make changes in your life, because they help you begin to dissolve the energy that's been keeping you stuck.  The great thing about readings with Tamara is that she can work with you afterwards, through coaching or therapy, to help you apply the insights you received into your everyday life. 

Check out the two different types of readings to see which feels like the best fit for you, then go to the scheduling page to book your session today!

Become Your Own Guru Readings

Akashic Records Reading

The Akasha is like a library where information about your journey through different lifetimes is stored. In your reading, Tamara connects with the Beings who manage the "library" and share the messages she receives from them. 

The Records help you see your Diving Blueprint--your capacity to do, be, and have everything you were meant to at your Full Potential. 

Using your Intuition alone to problem solve is like standing on a stage under a spotlight. Accessing your Akashic Records is like having the whole stage illuminated!

In addition to personal readings, Tamara can access the Records for pets, places, businesses, creating art or music, and learning something new or complicated.   

Your Akashic Records Reading can take place via phone or in person.

Become Your Own Guru Readings

Nature Spirit Reading

The Universe uses Nature to offer loving support and Divine guidance as you face life’s challenges!

With an in-person reading at a holistic fair or other event, Tamara will ask you to discuss your challenge and choose Nature items you are drawn to. Tamara will help you understand the messages your More-than-Human Guides are sharing with you, and how they can help you navigate your challenge.

With a distance reading, Tamara will ask you to go out in nature and connect with something that catches your attention. Then, Tamara will help you become fully present in your body so you can tune into the messages & gifts that your Nature Guide and Ally has to share with you.

Tamara also offers these readings at her lovely Wild Divine Retreat Center near Colorado Springs.


“My experience with Tamara and the Akashic Records was nothing short of absolutely liberating and amazing. I was given insight and guidance into my biggest current life questions, along with assurance and validation for recent synchronistic events and intuitions I have been having. Tamara does a phenomenal job helping translate and understand the messages sent by the higher guides. I highly suggest giving this a try!” –Kristen Shull