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Experience the Wild Divine Retreat Center… where nature, mindfulness, and expressive arts Bridge the Gap
between the hectic pace of everyday life and Inner Serenity.

Wild Divine Retreat Center by Become Your Own Guru
Wild Divine Retreat Center by Become Your Own Guru

If you are reading this page, you probably already know how nurturing it can be to spend time in nature. But spending time in WILD Nature, which has not been manicured into submission by human hands, can be an even more powerful experience!

We believe that Wild Nature provides a direct connection to the Divine. Our definition of the Divine is non-denominational and encompasses all spiritual practices that are based in Love, equality, and compassion for all Life.

The Center is located in Cascade, Colorado, directly beside US Highway 24. Spending time here provides an opportunity to develop the ability to mindfully use your senses to focus on the beauty that surrounds you, until the sounds of the everyday world fade away. This practice will serve you well when you return to your own environment, so you can connect to your Inner Serenity and Wisdom no matter what situation you encounter!

One of the unique aspects of Wild Divine Retreat Center is its fluid nature. Mother Earth frequently uses the forces of nature, including the creek that runs the full length of the 8.5 acre property, to re-sculpt the appearance of the land. You  are likely to find the hiking trails and other features different each time you visit the Center.                                                    

Current features include:

  • Labyrinth

  • Hiking trails

  • Mini-waterfalls

  • Fairy Ring

  • Meditation Casa

  • Creekside meditation spots

  • Sacred geometry meditation spot

The place is magical and the work Tamara does is so meaningful!
— Jenni Guentcheva, Green Thumb Initiativve

Coming Soon

  • Woven Willow Tunnel

  • Secret Garden

  • More hiking trails

Wild Divine Retreat Center is not open to the General Public, but is reserved for clients through appointments and for guests by Invitation only. If you are interested in scheduling a session or attending an event, please contact the owners, Tamara McDougall Herl or Terence Herl.

Wild Divine Retreat Center by Become Your Own Guru
Wild Divine Retreat Center by Become Your Own Guru
fall leaves and ponderosa bark rotated - Wild Divine Retreat Center
Wild Divine Retreat Center by Become Your Own Guru

Upcoming Workshops & Classes

We honor and incorporate into our workshops and retreats the practices of indigenous people, who know that Nature can be an incredible teacher when you are in the midst of  navigating life challenges.

   We also embrace the knowledge of Divinely Inspired spiritual pioneers and teachers, including Rudolph Steiner, James Redfield, and Patricia Cota-Robles, who have created pathways towards sustainable and enlightened ways of living in harmony with each other and Mother Earth.

Workshops and Classes detailed below

Available now:

1:1 Coaching Intensive

A powerful weekend experience tailored specifically to meet your needs to help you transform your challenges or re-invent yourself!

10 am-4 pm each day (Saturday and Sunday)

Your experience will include:

  • Spiritual Coaching

  • Energy Work

  • Body Work

  • Expressive Arts

  • Forest Bathing

  • Sacred Ceremony

  • Solitude in Nature

  • Lunch made from healthy, organic ingredients

    Contact Tamara today to schedule your intensive! 719-221-0548

Coming Soon:

Dates for all workshops will be determined soon!

Meditation for people who can’t sit still

Contemplative hiking is a wonderful option for people who do not resonate with sitting meditation

Receiving Spiritual Guidance Through Nature

A mini-vision quest to help you find answers to your deepest questions & fulfill your potential

Forest Bathing

Learn the Japanese practice of immersing your senses. This practice has been part of Japan’s national health program since 1982, because research has shown it can lower blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and stress hormones.   

Cosmic Wisdom

A comprehensive experience that helps you discover or recover your Original Divine Blueprint and how you can tap into the wealth of guidance and support the Universe is sharing to help you step into your full potential.

Drumming Circle

Get in sync with the Heartbeat of Mother Earth! Dates to be determined

Connecting with Fairies and Elemental Beings

Most people know about angels, but did you know that fairies and other elemental beings are earth bound angels? Come and discover how to connect with these beings to add joy and magic to your life! 



A Divine Adventure…Immersing in the exploration of the moment and the natural beauty of Mother Earth’s Elements—soaking, basking, bathing in all that is True, Real, Light.

Natural Wonders everywhere: Waterfalls, fairy spaces, power places, sacred sites, inspirational delights. 

Right on the edge of the visible world….until you step into the Wild Divine.

Tamara uses Mother Nature as the canvas to sculpt a living, growing collage of pathways into the Heart of the Divine
— Julie Bell, Co-author of Splash, I LOVE BEING a Raindrop!